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Practice Element I: Conceptual Roadmap, © Matthew Crabbe
︎︎︎ Practice element: Conceptual Roadmap
︎︎︎ New Identities in Architecture Practice
︎︎︎ Collective Pedagogy
︎︎︎ Approaching Research
︎︎︎ Reflection on part I

I have often given the advice “just start somewhere”. Rather than genuinely being a starting point, part I is more a middle point or a marker - hence the title “Start Somewhere”. There are several inspirations for my approach to this section. In his Manifesto for Performative Research, Brad Haseman talks of practice-led researchers constructing “experiential starting points from which practice flows [1].” Gray and Mailins compare a contextual review in art and design to “mapping the terrain [2]” over which the investigation will travel. The term Contextual Review reflects that the input for the thesis exists in a wide range of media and not simply in literature. Thus the To locate a valid line of enquiry for the thesis, the first practice element is a “contextual roadmap”, which visualises where my inputs have come from and how they relate to each other. Moreover, as a reflective mapping exercise, the mapping allows me to focus on some key turning points in my development and question the origins of my positions.

Reading List Part I

1 Haseman, Brad. ‘A Manifesto for Performative Research’. Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy Practice-led Research, no. 118 (2006): 88–106.

2 Smith, Hazel, and Roger Dean. Practice-Led Research, Research-Led Practice in the Creative Arts. Practice-Led Research, Research-Led Practice in the Creative Arts. Edinburgh University Press, 1999.

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