→ Chapter 1: Start Somewhere

Challenges for Architecture Practice
Research in/on Architectural Education

I have often given the advice “just start somewhere”. Rather than genuinely being a starting point, part I is more a middle point or a marker - hence the title “Start Somewhere”. There are several inspirations for my approach to this section. In his Manifesto for Performative Research, Brad Haseman talks of practice-led researchers constructing “experiential starting points from which practice flows .” Gray and Mailins compare a contextual review in art and design to “mapping the terrain” over which the investigation will travel. The term Contextual Review reflects that the input for the thesis exists in a wide range of media and not simply in literature. Thus, To locate a valid line of enquiry for the thesis, the first practice element is a “contextual roadmap”, which visualises where my inputs have come from and how they relate to each other. Moreover, as a reflective mapping exercise, the mapping allows me to focus on some key turning points in my development and question the origins of my positions. 

Contextual Timeline for Thesis as Part of Part 1

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