→ Chapter 1: Start Somewhere

Research Approach
Structure of the Thesis
Personal Context & Motivation
Institutional Context
Research Context & Contribution

Start Somewhere, is an essential part of the thesis in its own right as it documents what Haseman, in his manifesto for performative research, calls “an experiential starting point” ⁠for the investigation. Or in the words of Gray & Malins, it sets the scene and draws the map⁠ for the following chapters by providing the context in which the process should be understood and assessed. These starting points are described concerning the different personal, institutional and academic contexts in which I am situated. Personal context provides a point of departure for a process of self-improvement and learning in which I look to understand, challenge and improve my practice as a teacher and researcher by setting goals and objectives. I also occupy different institutional perspectives, as part of a university department Natural Building Lab and the Institute for Architecture at the TU Berlin. In the institutional context, I will reflect on these positions and define possible aims and contributions the thesis could make on this level. Finally, the academic context is a short literature review, which contextualises the work within practice-based and live-project research in/on architectural education. The preface concludes with the first practice element. The contextual timeline serves as a kind of visual literature review and timeline, visualising the dissertation’s writing process and linking different inputs and lines of enquiry. 

Contextual Timeline for Thesis as Part of Part 1

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