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 Research into Practice
Research with Visual Media
Ethnographic Reseach

Everyday Architect serves as a first foray into ethnographic research using visual media, a field which is fleshed out in Chapter 2: New Ways of Looking. In Chapter 2, I look in detail at research approaches and methodologies to discover new ways of looking and thinking that can produce situated and critical insights. The first part of Chapter 2, Research into Practice, focuses on research approaches that are equipped to investigate/improve practice. Here, I discuss practice-based, performative and artistic research to understand the differences between these approaches and find my own position. Consequently, I focus on research using visual methods such as photography and film to find a new critical sharpness in applying these media. To close Chapter 2, I describe reflective methods from ethnographic and auto-ethnographic research that can aid my investigation. These discussions are supported by literature and examples of studies which inform my research design. In the practice element “Postcards from Practice”, I combine these findings and develop an original research methodology using portrait photography and photo-elicitation applied to the “practice gap”. 

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