→ Chapter 2: New Ways of Looking

 Research into Practice
Research with Visual Media
Narrative Reseach

Chapter 2 documents my creative practice using different approaches and media to discover new ways of looking and thinking that can produce situated and critical insights. Furthermore, it should give the reader an impression of the culture and practice at NBL using three practice elements, each exploring a different facet of my documentation strategy. My approach to this section borrows from several different research traditions. Firstly, it can be understood as a form of ethnography or sometimes auto-ethnography, in which I aim to investigate and represent the culture at NBL through my and others’ perspectives.

I am also interested in the investigation and documentation process as a form of creative practice in itself. Thinking in different mediums of expression can bring surprising, media-specific challenges and insights. In this sense, I will also consider parts of this section as a form of artistic and performative research, in which I reflexively experiment with new approaches and media, as a way to find new ways of looking at and reflecting on my work. I hope this can give readers an engaging and vivid impression of my creative practice. 

In terms of the methodologies and approaches employed, some, such as photography, I have been using for over twenty years. Others, such as narrative enquiry, are entirely new. In each section, I will introduce one approach conceptually and discuss the available research methodologies. I will then discuss my experiences with these methods providing sample work, and use this to consider potential opportunities and limitations. Finally, I will ask what I have learned from each experiment and consider what new ways of thinking and looking the different approaches enable.

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