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A recent research project surveying European architecture graduates found that actually, only 62% ended up working in an architectural practice. From their studies, architecture graduates are well-equipped with transferable skills that allow them to succeed in new professions or even totally unrelated sectors. However architectural degree programmes do not place these skills explicitly on the curriculum, rather tending to focus on design and spatial competencies required for professional accreditation. Facing an increasingly diverse and often disillusioning professional landscape, transversal skills will become even more important to graduates, providing them with multi-sector mobility that will be valuable in a rapidly changing world.  In the panel, we will discuss the architect’s changing skillset with representatives from different generations of students, early practitioners and established professionals to find out: which important skills does an architecture background fail to provide you with? 

Lidia Gasperoni (Architekturtheorie), Matthew Crabbe (Natural Building Lab), Yannick Schulze (Roundabout e.V.)

Praktizierende Architekt*innen, Ehemaligen Architekturstudierende und Studierende

Vertreter*innen der Studierenden oder Studierenden des IFA, Svenja Binz (BBSR Referat WB 6 Bauen und Umwelt - Politikberatung). Max Pfeffer (ZRS Architekten - Ausschreibung, Bauleitung), Maria Isabettini (nonconform)