→ Film: Everyday Architect?

Submission to AAE Conference Productive Disruptions with Nina Pawlicki

What is the best way to affect change - as an agenda setter on the outside or from a position of trust on the inside? In “Everyday Architect” we posed this question to a group of NBL graduates who participated in our first design studio “BuildIngCycle” in Winter 2017-18 and are now entering the profession. In the short film accompanied by a longer article we explored the tension between their transformative agendas and the realities of the architectural job market. 

Already their statements indicate some of the different strategies graduates are employing to integrate their agendas and some of the compromises they are willing to make – as well as red-flags that are non-negotiable. As teachers, the project allows us to reflect on whether our teaching provides these graduates with the tools they need to resolve these tensions in their early careers. The issues raised indicate some urgent disruptions down the line for both university and practice. 

Particpants: Maire Cordts, Reingard Hesse, Leon Klaßen, Max Pfeffer, Lukas Wichmann

Film still “Everyday Architect!